Call for Applications and Nominations has been launched for 2013-14 Sauvé Scholars Program

Sauvé Scholars are highly motivated independent thinkers between 23 and 31 years of age with demonstrated skills as agents of change, who are offered a unique opportunity to spend nine months away from their studies, careers or other formal commitments, for a period of reflection and self-realization – both personal and professional.

In August of each year, up to 14 young men and women from around the world gather inMontreal – one of North America’s most vibrant international, multicultural cities – to embark on a rewarding personal and intellectual program combining reflection, study, travel and community engagement along with participation in conferences, seminars, cultural and sports events.

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The academic home of the Sauvé Scholars is internationally-renowned McGill University, in the heart of Montreal, where the student body of about 33,000 includes students from some 160 countries. Through a formal Memorandum of Understanding, Sauvé Scholars enjoy a unique status at McGill: they may audit courses at the undergraduate or post-graduate level (but not for credit) and may participate in the array of university activities and facilities for every taste and interest.

In addition, the Sauvé Scholars enjoy an enriching private program of seminars with eminent journalists, political figures and leaders in business, academia and the arts.

Each Scholar is expected to undertake a new project in his or her chosen field – for example, arts, advocacy, business, communications, government or research – or complete one that is underway. Scholars are also invited to participate in some form of social or civic engagement for the benefit of the Montreal community.

The Sauvé Scholars live together in beautifully restored Jeanne Sauvé House in the historic area that surrounds the McGill campus. Communal life and multi-faceted exchanges with the other Scholars add an incomparable international human dimension to the Sauvé experience.

Since the arrival of the first cohort in 2003, the Sauvé Scholars Program has welcomed 126 Scholars from 50 different countries.

The absence of pressure from academic or professional deadlines allows the Scholars to research, question, enlarge and act on their understanding of the world by expanding their intellectual, professional cultural horizons through a program of activities, individualized mentoring and vibrant exchanges in their communal home, Sauvé House. It is an opportunity to assess what they have accomplished to date, reflect on their future activities, and explore their innate leadership qualities that will help them to effect change in the world.


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